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YUNKELAI OEM / ODM Service : High Flexibility , High Profit , Hign , Hign Innovation Value

For decades, we always believe that quality score the outline of the classic ; Every step leaves its print , start from the traditional OEM service of cosmetics , with the persistence of the spirit to detail and quality, we made many successful brand in the cosmetics industry at home and abroad .Steadfast, humility is what we always firmly believe.


Yunkelai Cosmetics Technology Co, Ltd. was established in 1990 and is renowned for its outstanding R&D(research and development) team, professional and advanced production line, cross-domain image design team and operation personnel who have been engaged in marketing and operation for more than twenty years. Rooted in China and having the whole world in view, the company has put forward many advanced innovative concepts and ideas for the cosmetics industry of China. In addition, with its highquality products, remarkable effect and professional service, Yunkelai has won universal support and trust in the industry.

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Sage Balancing Essence
Honey Whitening Night Cream
Chamaemelum Nobile Masque
Panax Ginseng Whitening Masque
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WANISHA, a pioneering cosmetics brand from Taiwan, was founded by Ms Zeng Duanmei. Today, by leading the trend with its products on mosturizing, cleansing,wrinkle-removal and anti-aging, WANISHA has become a role model in the industry, sticking to its philosophy of “forging beauty and forming classics”. Its business has also expanded to dozens of countries all over the world, such as China, America, and countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

YUNKELAI & Taiwan WANISHA private brand 

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